Skin Rejuvenation is a cutting edge laser skin rejuvenation procedure that helps you age gracefully. Utilizing the skin’s natural regenerative abilities, Age Confidence Skin Rejuvenation restores your youthful look so you look just like you, only younger.

How Age Confidence Skin Rejuvenation Works

Over time, a number of factors conspire to negatively affect the appearance of the skin. These include age, exposure to the sun, skin disorders and even genes. When this happens, the skin may develop wrinkles, pigmentation blemishes, and skin tone loss. Age Confidence Skin Rejuvenation uses safe, FDA-approved fractional laser therapy to penetrate the top skin layers to stimulate underlying collagen and trigger natural skin rejuvenation. After the procedure, the skin begins a natural collagen rejuvenation process that smooths out wrinkles and diminishes blemishes.

Check out the Skin Rejuvenation Treatment Results

You’re doing a lot to look and feel great, but the effects of pollution, fatigue, stress and sun can exacerbate, keeping your skin from looking as good as your feel. Skin Rejuvenation treatment utilizes patented fractional laser resurfacing technology to rejuvenate damaged skin and boost collagen production for transformation results. Check out some Before and After images of Skin Rejuvenation Treatment below.

  • The treatments effectively and efficiently tighten skin and reduce a range of aging signs, such as wrinkles and pigmentation.
  • Long-lasting results are achieved in a relatively small number of treatment sessions.
  • Treatments are non-invasive, clean and relatively painless.
  • There is no unsightly evidence or visible irritation after treatments.
  • Treatment plans are not demanding, usually consisting of one short session once a month.
  • There are two different hand pieces to accommodate the varying signs of aging, such as texture irregularities and vascular lesions.
  • Treatments have been proven successful for thousands of satisfied clients.